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I live in the UK too, and nothing of this article has been in the press or TV, as you say.

The thing is, the Discussion Document is available for download from the HMRC Website, as linked to in the CNBC article.

The idea is not made up or any type of conspiracy theory, it is fact.

Although, at this point, a Discussion Document does not represent formed policy nor any plan to implement. I do however believe that some form of limited implementation is on the cards.

This is no joke. No way am I going to let my paycheck be sent first to HMRC before I get it. That’s not how tax law works in the UK. The present UK government would have to get legislation through the House of Commons and the Lords before HMRC can be instructed to operate this way.

As it stands the Discussion Document closing date is 22nd September 2010 for comments and suggestions – so probably the whole country (UK) has missed the boat on this. Article –